Here’s a story of how 100 donors changed the world!

October 25, 2016
Steve Elliott

Hello! i’m Jeff McCusker, Director of Client Services for Grassroots Action.

Thanks for taking a closer look at how Grassroots Action can help you find 100 new donors in the next 30 days!

We think those 100 donors will have a real impact on your organization, adding more than $42,000 to your asset base of support (estimate of LTV based on an average gift of $40, 1.5 gifts per year and 14% annual attrition).

But it could be much more!

Take, for example, one of our clients who recently found itself right in the middle of one of the largest humanitarian crises of this century.

They came to us for help. They had “boots on the ground” but no real base of support that could sustain an emergency relief effort of this scale.

So we launched our Donor Growth program and began to get their message out to our Grassroots Action database.

What happened next was the stuff of development legend…

Within four hours of our first email deployment, we had already found this organization’s first 100 new donors! Four hours!

And since the average gift was $83, those first 100 donors had a lifetime value of more than $80,000 to that organization — all at no net cost!

But we were just getting started.

By the end of the fourth day (no joke) we had helped this organization identify more than 1,200 new donors with an estimated LTV of  $1.15 MILLION. And since the program was generating a huge ROI while creating donors, we just kept adding donors… by the thousands.

Those new donors created a pipeline of support that resulted in literally life-saving relief for tens of thousands of people. So we can confidently say that those first 100 donors changed the world!

Now I must say that past performance is not indicative of future results. This scenario was a development perfect storm that we’ve seen on a handful of occasions and may not happen again or in your situation.

But we are sure of this…

We can identify 100 donors for you in the next 30 days and create a $42,000 asset at a cost of not more than $20/donor. And then we can work with you to scale up the results and grow your organization’s donor and asset base!

Please give me a call so we can chat and I can explain our unique Donor Growth model.

And until then…

Happy Growing!

Jeff McCusker
Office: 757-488-0255
Mobile: 757-531-5778

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